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Research Accessories 

We provide a variety of sensors, manipulators, and other accessory devices for each mobile robot platform.

Sensing and Autonomous Guidance:


Laser-based Indoor Navigation 

State-of-the-art indoor mapping and navigation

Seekur Jr, affordable all-weather UGV

MOGS Outdoor Navigation

All-weather outdoor mapping and navigation with DGPS



Basic sensing and navigation. See Bases for details.

Advanced Systems:

Preconfigured Robot Systems

Suggested configurations for 2D/3D SLAM; VSLAM; grasping and manipulation; outdoor navigation

Laser Options:

Sick LMS-111 and Hokuyu URG Laser Rangefinders

Laser Rangefinders

SICK LMS-500 or LMS-100/111 available for Laser Navigation Package with some robot platforms. 

Now also available: Hokuyu URG for extra obstacle avoidance. Inquire for details.

GPS/DGPS Receivers:

GPS options

Available with MOGS Outdoor Navigation Package. Optional fixed DGPS base station and radios available for some receivers.


Manipulator arms and grippers in a range of sizes and capabilities.

Vision Systems:

Stereo Camera

Indoor stereo camera mounted on a pan-tilt unit with control and processing software

PTZ camera

PTZ Camera

Color pan-tilt-zoom camera plus computer image acquisition interface. Indoor or outdoor cameras available.

Wireless video

Other Cameras

Fixed USB and firewire cameras; 2.4 GHz radio video transmitter; etc.

Embedded Computers

Embedded SBCs

Onboard embedded single-board computers


Wireless communications

Wireless Ethernet networking and radio communications

Charging Solutions:

Recharging cube

Power Cube

12V, three battery charging station

Hot-swap batteries

Hot-swap Batteries

Extra batteries

Input Devices:

Input devices


Touchscreens and other input devices. See Bases for details.

Gyros & IMUs


Heading Correction

Integrated single and multi-axes gyroscopes, IMUs, accelerometers and compasses. Contact for details.



Bumpers switches detect collisions and protect robot. See Bases for details.

Pan/Tilt Unit


Pan/Tilt Units

Accurate and high-speed pan/tilt units, for indoor or outdoor robots.