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Color Stereo Camera

bumblebeeThe Bumblebee®2 from Point Grey is the next generation Bumblebee® stereo vision camera. It provides a balance between 3D data quality, processing speed, size and price. Developed as a drop-in replacement for the original Bumblebee camera, the Bumblebee2 also features double the frame rate and a GPIO connector for external trigger and strobe functionality.

The camera system is provided as a complete hardware and software package. Stereo depth information is calculated by software on the robot's onboard computer.  All hardware and software components are provided preinstalled, calibrated, tested and ready to use.

Every system includes the FlyCapture SDK, which is used for image acquisition and camera control, and the Triclops SDK, which performs image rectification and stereo processing. Additional stereo vision software components are available at no extra cost: the Censys3D SDK, which is ideal for people tracking; and the Multiclops software, which allows integration of multiple cameras into a single coordinate system.


Resolution 640x480
Frame Rate 48 frames per second (FPS)
Calibration Precalibrated to within 0.1 pixel RMS error
Baseline 12cm
Field of view (horiz.) 97°
Focal Length 2.5mm
Camera synchronization Automatic
Power 12VDC, 2.5W
Interface IEEE-1394 (Firewire) DC standard interface; Software development library included for stereo processing and image aquisition.

Pan-Tilt Unit Specifications

Stereo camera on pan tilt unit (PTU)

The DPPTU pan-tilt unit features instant absolute or relative positioning, holds the camera or other payload at the commanded position accurately and firmly, and includes integrated absolute position encoders.  (PTU shown at right with MobileRanger stereo camera.)

Indoor Pan-Tilt Unit (PTU) Specifications:

Position Resolution 0.013°
Maximum Speed (each axis) 300 degrees per second
Range -47° to 31° (tilt), +/- 149° (pan)
Duty Cycle 100% (3-5 million cycles)
Weight 1.36 kg (3 lb)
Size 7.6 W X 13 H X 10.8 D cm (3 X 5.13 X 4.25 inches)
Power 12VDC, 6W continuous peak in normal operating mode, 1W peak in holding mode, 13W in high power mode.
Camera Mounting Standard 1/4"-20 screw
Interface RS-232
Software C++ API included in ARIA. Example programs provided.

Robot Platforms

The Bumblebee 2 color stereo camera is available as an option with the following robot platforms: