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Communications options

MobileRobots offers a variety of options for wireless communications to the robots.

802.11a/b/g Wi-Fi Option for Robots with Onboard Computers

For indoor robots with an onboard computer, the wireless ethernet option is a PC-104 card that connects the onboard computer with either an existing 802.11  (“wi-fi”)  wireless ethernet infrastructure, or an access point provided by MobileRobots (link to #ap).

An externally mounted antenna is included on the robot. Drivers are pre-installed and configured (Linux or Windows) on the computer.

The wireless adapter applies to the following robots with an embedded computer:

WRAP Weatherized Wireless Access Point/Interface

The weatherized wireless Ethernet module for Seekur and Seekur Jr is an environmentally hardened WiFi 802.11b/g appliance designed to work under extreme conditions. 

It provides a convenient wireless access point for laptops or other computes, both in the lab and in the field.  Or, it can be configured to connect to existing wifi networks.    It includes a firewall, NAT and other features as well.

The WRAP is available and recommended for the following robots:

Some technical information on using the WRAP is also available here.

Ethernet-Serial Bridge

For robots without an embedded computer, an Ethernet-Serial bridge allows the serial connection to the robot’s microcontroller serial data stream to be passed over a wireless Ethernet network.  The bridge can connect to an existing wireless infrastructore or an access point provided by MobileRobots.  A second serial port is available for communications with  an additional device other than the robot.

The Ethernet-Serial Bridge is suitable for the following robots, if an embedded computer is not ordered:

900 MHz Radio Ethernet Link

A 900 MHz point-to-point or point-to-multipoint radio is available to provide ethernet communications over longer outdoor distances than WiFi.  It acts like a virtual ethernet cable, bridging the robot and laptop or existing ethernet network. It is available as an option for Seekur and Seekur Jr. robots for long-range communications. It bridges the robot's onboard computer or internal ethernet LAN to a LAN attached to the base station radio. The radios are self pairing, and will automatically connect to each other. Once connected, any ethernet packets sent to one radio will be transmitted by the other on its network and vice-versa. Effectively the robot's onboard computer or internal ethernet switch will behave as if it was connected to the host LAN as if it were simply directly connected. The devices require no configuration.

Each transmitter/receiver unit requires 12V power delivered via the ethernet cable (12V Power-over-Ethernet). On a Seekur or Seekur Jr. robot, this is provided by an external port providing 12V power-over-ethernet. On the base station, this is provided by a special power injector with an AC adapter.

A variety of antennas are available for use with the device, inquire for details.

This 900 MHz device is designed for US and North American radio regulation compliance.  Radio frequency laws and regulations may vary in your country or locale.