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Epsilon & Gamma Lightweight Mobile Manipulator Arm

For Pioneer 3-DX, Pioneer 3-ATPeopleBot and Pioneer LX robot platforms

The new Epsilon is the latest  in the Cyton line of small, lightweight, high-quality, high-DOF manipulator arms for Pioneer, PatrolBot and PeopleBot robots.  The Gamma 1500 and Epsilon 300 and 1500 models are currently available for integration with our mobile robot platforms.  Both the Epsilon & Gamma arms are highly dexterous and flexible, featuring 7 degrees of freedom with large ranges of motion.

Gamma 1500 on P3-AT

The Cyton arms have 7-degrees of freedom, plus a gripper end effector, with kinematic redundancy.  All axes are independent but can be controlled simultaneously. Pitching axes have integrated load balancing springs for stability. All joints have ball bearing support. Spin joints have additional planetary bearings.

The Gamma 1500 model is available: Gamma 1500 features a 1500 gram payload capability at full arm extension, and up to 2000 grams at partial (half) extension. 

Both Cyton models include Actin software, which includes forward and inverse kinematics and planning, 3D graphical interface and simulation, and a C++ programming library.  A ROS interface is also available. The arm is fully installed, integrated and tested on the robot, with all cabling, mounting, and software installed and ready to use.

Two models of Cyton Epsilon (1500 and 300) and one model of Cyton Gamma (1500) are available:

Gamma 1500

Maximum Payload 1500 g (3.3 lbs) sustained at full extension, 2000 g (4.4 lbs) at partial extension.
Total Reach 68 cm (26.8 in)
Arm Weight 2 kg (4.4 lbs)
Maximum linear arm speed 20cm/sec
Average joint speed 15 rpm
Repeatability +/- 0.5 mm
Gripper opening 3.5 cm
Axes/DOF 7
Shoulder Roll 210°
Shoulder Pitch 210°
Elbow Roll 210°
Elbow Pitch 210°
Wrist Yaw 210°
Wrist Pitch 210°
Wrist Roll 300°
Power 12V 2A
Interface Serial or USB
Software Actin C++ library and flexible GUI/simulator, with inverse kinematics
Configurable parameters Yes, including torque limits, voltage limits, temperature limits, and control parameters

Epsilon 300  

Maximum Payload: 300 g (10.6 oz) at full extension
Total Reach: 53.4 cm (21.4 in)
Arm Weight: 1.2 kg (2.6 lbs)
Maximum linear arm speed: 20cm/sec
Maximum joint speed: 30rpm
Repeatability: +/-1mm
Gripper opening: 3.5cm
Axes/DOF: 7
Shoulder Roll: 300°
Shoulder Pitch: 210°
Elbow Roll: 300°
Elbow Pitch: 210°
Wrist Yaw: 210°
Wrist Pitch: 210°
Wrist Roll: 300°
Power: 12V 2A
Interface: Serial or USB
Software: Actin library and flexible GUI/simulator, with inverse kinematics