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Inertial Measurement Units, Gyroscopes and Compasses


An optional integrated single-axis (yaw) gyroscopic sensor for increased rotational accuracy is available for Pioneer 3, PowerBot, and PeopleBot. The robot controller will automatically incorporate gyro corrections into its odometry-based position estimate for the robot.   (Or, automatic corrections may be switched off, and raw gyro data forwarded to user software via the robot controller instead.) A gyro is recommended generally for better position estimate accuracy, especially with skid-steer robots (Pioneer 3-AT, Seekur Jr.), and for any application or project that requires accurate positioning, and when used with autonomous navigation.

Pioneer LX includes a different integrated gyro sensor that is always used for improved accuracy.

Improved IMU for Seekur

Also available for Seekur and Seekur Jr. is an advanced IMU (inertial measurement unit) for even greater positioning accuracy.  Inquire for details.

Precision Compass

The optional compass module includes 3 magnetic field axes, 2-axis tilt sensing and compass heading for approximate absolute heading information.  The compass should be mounted 18” from the robot base to avoid interference (mounting mast not included). 

Data is software accessible via ARIA.


  • High accuracy compass heading: 0.8°
  • High resolution compass heading: 0.1°
  • High repeatability: 0.1°
  • Calibrated magnetic field measurement range: ±80 μT (±0.8 Gauss)
  • High resolution magnetic field measurement: 0.05 μT (0.0005 Gauss)
  • RS-232 compatible digital interface