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MobileRanger - StereoCamera

MobileRanger Outdoor Stereocamera

MobileRanger™ stereovision systems combine a dedicated nDepth™ stereo processor hardware FPGA system with a rugged high quality stereo camera head.  MobileRanger™ is ideal for robot applications because it offloads initial disparity calculations to the separate nDepth™ hardware, reserving the robot's main computing resources for higher-level processing, robot navigation, and other tasks.  MobileRanger™ can be used as a 3D sensor in robot navigation or object sensing.  Both left and right raw images and calculated disparity map are available for use in your software.

At the center of the system is a 2 billion-pixel-disparities-per-second nDepth™ processor. The nDepth™ handles all aspects of initial image surface/feature disparity calculation, including realtime lens undistortion, camera rectification, correspondence searching, and filtering for error removal. Unlike software-based depth perception, the processor uses virtually no PC CPU resources so your PC is free for further image processing, obstacle detection/analysis, robot control, and other tasks. All output from the processor is sent via direct memory access (DMA) to the PC. The undistorted and rectified (calibrated) images, along with the disparity image, can also be sent every frame if desired.  nDepth™ can operate at 30 frames per second at 752x480 resolution of the resulting depth image.

The dual monochrome cameras feature >60dB of dynamic range and near IR enhanced performance for use with non-visible near IR illumination.  Support for M12x0.5 uVideo lenses ensures you get the right optics for your applications needs. The stereo camera connects easily to the nDepth™ PC104+ card using one standard CAT6 cable up to 5 meters in length. The cable carries all necessary power, data, and control for the stereo camera. With progressive scan, global shutter and low-noise imaging technology, MobileRanger™  systems are ideal for imaging applications in real-world environments.

MobileRanger Outdoor Stereocamera The camera unit is available in indoor as well as rugged outdoor versions. The outdoor camera is waterproof, with o-ring seals, and scratch resistant, replaceable windows to protect the camera lenses.


MobileRanger™ is available with either a manually adjustable tilt mount or a DPPTU pan-tilt mount controllable through ARIA.



The included drivers make the disparity data available as a raster image bitmap, as well as the raw monochrome images for those wishing to do analysis on either single images or the matched left and right images.  C++ programming libraries are included to access the images, as well as a set of example and demonstration programs.


MobileRanger is available on the following robot platforms:

It is also available separately for use on non-MobileRobots platforms.

Pan-Tilt Unit Specifications

Stereo camera on pan tilt unit (PTU)

The DPPTU pan-tilt unit features instant absolute or relative positioning, holds the camera or other payload at the commanded position accurately and firmly, and includes integrated absolute position encoders.  (PTU shown at right with MobileRanger stereo camera.)

Indoor Pan-Tilt Unit (PTU) Specifications:

Position Resolution 0.013°
Maximum Speed (each axis) 300 degrees per second
Range -47° to 31° (tilt), +/- 149° (pan)
Duty Cycle 100% (3-5 million cycles)
Weight 1.36 kg (3 lb)
Size 7.6 W X 13 H X 10.8 D cm (3 X 5.13 X 4.25 inches)
Power 12VDC, 6W continuous peak in normal operating mode, 1W peak in holding mode, 13W in high power mode.
Camera Mounting Standard 1/4"-20 screw
Interface RS-232
Software C++ API included in ARIA. Example programs provided.

Outdoor Pan-Tilt Unit (PTU) Specifications:

Position Resolution 0.013°
Maximum Tilt Speed  300 degrees per second
Maximum Pan Speed   60 degrees per second
Range -47° to 31° (tilt), +/- 159° (pan)
Duty Cycle 100% (3-5 million cycles)
Maximum Payload 5.4 kg (12 lbs.)
Environmental Rating   IP66
Operating Temperature   -20°C to 60°C (-4° F to 140° F)
Humidity   100% relative humidity (non-condensing)
Weight 2.4 kg (5.3 lb)
Size 16.5 W X 21.33 H X 13.33 D cm (6.5 X 8.4 X 5.25 inches)
Power 12 or 24 VDC, 6W continuous peak in normal operating mode, 1W peak in holding mode, 13W in high power mode.
Payload Mounting Top and side mount locations available with several 1/4" screw holes.
Interface RS-232
Software C++ API included in ARIA. Example programs provided.