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Outdoor navigation packages

The outdoor GPS navigation package combines MOGS and ARNL autonomous indoor/outdoor navigation software development kits with a high quality differential global positioning system (DGPS) receiver and laser rangefinder.

MOGS and ARNL can be used together to seamlessly transition between indoor and outdoor environments.

GPS outdoor navigation packages are available for Seekur, Seekur Jr and Pioneer robots.

The GPS navigation package for Seekur and Seekur Jr. includes a low profile rugged GPS receiver and LMS111 laser rangefinder fully installed on the robot and the MOGS, ARNL and ARIA software development kits. The Seekur DGPS has an accuracy of 2 meters when used with with standard free WAAS/ EGNOS correction, but is capable of 1 meter or even 20 centimeter accuracy with Omnistar HP or XP corrections (purchase Omnistar subscription separately). Finally, 20mm accuracy can be achieved with a RTK DGPS correction base station. The GPS receiver is GLONASS compatible. The receiver receives L1, L2 and L2C signals. The receiver supports up to 220 channels. (Seekur Jr. with GPS, LMS111 and wireless ethernet pictured at left.)

Pioneer 3 AT robots with GPS receivers and base station The P-Series GPS navigation package for Pioneer 3-AT and other Pioneer-based robots includes a 2-meter GPS receiver, laser rangefinder and gyroscopic correction fully installed on the robot, as well as the MOGS, ARNL and ARIA software development kits. An optional fixed base station with radio link for differential corrections is available. (Pioneer 3-AT robots  with RTK DGPS base station pictured at right.)

At least one embedded computer is required.

Seekur robots with GPS, Stereovision.Use MOGS and ARNL together for both indoor and outdoor navigation. (Seekur with MobileRanger, GPS, wireless ethernet SICK laser pictured at left.)