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PeopleBot Gripper

PeopleBot Gripper holding a cup
The PeopleBot Gripper is a strong, reliable 2-axis, 2 degree-of-freedom (dof) robotic manipulator and sensor.  The PeopleBot gripper can pick up objects off of tables and platforms, or off its lower deck or laser rangefinder top. 

Driven by a two, reversible DC servo-motors under control of the robot's microcontroller, the gripper operates in open or closed state horizontally. 

Front and rear break beams between the paddles detect when an object is in grip position. 

The gripper paddles close together horizontally until they grasp an object or close on themselves. The grasping pressure is under software control, and varies between 0.5 lbs (170g) and 5 lbs (1.7kg). Under independent control and drive, the gripper's lift mechanism rises 4 inches (9 cm) and can lift objects weighing up to 5.5 lbs (2.5kg).

A gripper is included in the complete Performance PeopleBot With Gripper package.

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