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Sensor Mounting Bracket

Sensor mounting bracket shown on a P3DXA simple mounting bracket is available for Pioneer 3, Pioneer LX, Seekur Jr, PeopleBot and PowerBot mobile robot platforms to aid in attaching user-supplied camera(s), sensor(s), or other items at a height of 12 inches (30 cm) from the top of the robot.    Your sensor can be attached flush to an adapter plate via bolts or screws, double-sided adhesive tape or hook-and-loop tape. The bracket includes a cutout to allow for a Kinect (or similar sensor) to be mounted with its main body flush to the bracket, for more stability, if desired.   

On a DX, the bracket can be placed near the center of the robot (shown), or farther back on the rear portion of the top plate.  On an AT the bracket is placed near the center of the robot.  Or the bracket can be put in any location by drilling additional holes in the robot top plate.

A power and data cable adapter for Microsoft Kinect and your robot are also available.  (Kinect or other sensor not included, and must be purchased separately.)

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