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Audio and speech packages

The Audio and Speech accessory package provides audio output hardware as well as a development libraries for high quality speech synthesis (text-to-speech) and playing of sound samples.

The audio/speech output package for Pioneer includes a development library for incorporating high quality speech synthesis (text-to-speech) in your software applications, as well as two amplified speakers mounted on the top deck of the robot (the speakers are attached by a thumb screw which allows a few degrees of rotation of the speakers, and also allows them to be easily removed for repositioning or use without speakers.)  

Speech synthesis is available for English, Spanish, French, German and Italian, in both male and female voices.

The audio and speech input/output package for PeopleBot includes a pair of miniature microphones (combined to one channel) which are normally attached to the top of the upper deck of the Peoplebot, but which may be relocated as needed.  Amplified speakers are integrated into the robot (near the top of each strut which supports the upper deck) to provide sound and speech output. 

The audio and speech output package for PatrolBot includes speakers integrated into the robot interior (under deck), as well as amplifier.

ARIA includes tools for playing sounds (WAV files) on either Linux or Windows, as well as a tool for managing sequential output of multiple sounds or recurring sound and speech output events.