December 2010

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Looking for fleets for collaboration or classroom use?


MobileRobots offers discounted pricing on Class Packs of robots, with both single- and cross-platform options.


About us...

In June MobileRobots Inc was acquired and merged with the public corporation, Adept Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ ADEP). Our research robots group is now called Adept MobileRobots.

Even though the names have changed, our devotion to providing the best world-class mobile robotics platforms and software has not. Watch for our new exciting product releases in upcoming months!



Robots for Every Project!

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Whether you're seeking powerful PowerBot to carry a 6-axis arm. a small AmigoBot for collaboration studies, an outdoor Seekur with GPS or a premium GuiaBot for human interaction studies, you will find these MobileRobots  platforms for all budgets and research topics. Trusted by thousands of researchers worldwide, our bots withstand the rigors of years of use. And every robot arrives at your door complete with the Pioneer SDK software suite and extensive integrated accessories, from autonomous navigation, to manipulation, stereovision, and much more. Inquire now!


Fast Dual-Core SBC Onboard

 Dual-Core PCOur new dual-core SBC could be dangerous in the wrong hands. It's nearly 3x faster, has gigabit Ethernet, more RAM expansion and L2 cache and still draws less power than its predecessors. Even disk-I/O is faster due to adoption of the latest SATA technologies. All for nearly the same price!

See what you can pack into our Seekur, Seekur Jr or other intense-processing robotics accessories including auto- nomous navigation and MobileRanger stereovision.

More information.


Pioneer SDK     

Pioneer SDK Box 4

Almost all mobile-robot development software support Pioneer robots: Player/Stage, ROS, Microsoft® Robotics Developer Studio, and most others. But did you know the Pioneer SDK, MobileRobots operation applications and development environments, ship with every Pioneer, PeopleBot, PowerBot, AmigoBot, Research PatrolBot and GuiaBot at no additional charge?

The Pioneer SDK is a collection of libraries and applications. The standard Pioneer SDK includes the open-source ARIA with ArNetworking, the MobileEyes and Mapper 3-Basic networked GUI applications, SonARNL and MobileSim. Autonomous indoor and outdoor navigation software, ARNL and mOGS, come with navigation sensor packages to extend the SDK. More information.

Improved IMU

adis16385 functional diagram

Analog Devices is not sitting on their laurels. They are constantly improving their already state-of-the-art gyroscopes and inertial measurement units. And Adept MobileRobots is keeping up by tightly integrating these new devices in both hardware and the Pioneer SDK for all our intelligent mobile platforms.

The ADIS16385 iSensor® device is a complete inertial system that includes a tri-axial gyroscope and tri-axial accelerometer. The next-generation IMU now available has an accelerometer bias stability even greater. More information.


SICK LMS100/111 Replaces the LMS200


The workhorse of the localization and autonomous-navigation mobile robotics revolution is being sent out to pasture. SICK's new LMS100 and LMS111 laser range finders not only see more (270 degree sweep), but are much lighter and draw less power.

A free update to Adept MobileRobots ARIA software now supports their high-speed Ethernet interface for both indoor (LMS100) and outdoor (LMS111, heating optional) mobile applications on all Pioneer, Seekur® and Seekur® Jr platforms. .More information.


People Meeting Robots


If you're studying human interface and interactions, PeopleBot and GuiaBot provide two taller options. Research GuiaBot is a commercial-quality autonomous guide complete with charging station. It is terrific for applications that require long-term interaction with the public. PeopleBot is an affordable research platform with swap-out batteries and plenty of sensing for tabletops, grippers and table approach. Both systems include the Pioneer SDK. Inquire now!
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