June 2011

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Looking for fleets for collaboration or classroom use?


MobileRobots offers discounted pricing on Class Packs of robots, with both single- and cross-platform options.


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In June 2010 MobileRobots Inc was acquired and merged with the public corporation, Adept Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ ADEP). Our research robots group is now called Adept MobileRobots.

Even though the names have changed, our devotion to providing the best world-class mobile robotics platforms and software has not. Watch for even more new exciting product releases in upcoming months!



New! Portable Pool or Undersea Robot!

sm Aqua2_robot_underwater 2Adept MobileRobots is proud to introduce AQUA2 to the research community.  AQUA2 is an amphibious robotic platform for underwater research in any laboratory or outdoor aquatic environment. The system is programmable and configurable, and is ideal for submersible robotics projects, environmental monitoring and underwater locomotion research. AQUA2 is also useful to researchers for the study of hexapedal motion control and flipper, foot and leg design for amphibious robotics.

The AQUA2 vehicle uses a patented method to control its six independent fins to propel itself through the underwater environment. Unlike traditional thruster designs, this poses no danger to humans or sea life. The vehicle is lightweight and can be deployed easily from two standard sized shipping containers transportable by commercial aircraft as regular luggage. The vehicle requires no external support vessel for either deployment or operation. Available with integrated cameras mounted fore and aft, and other inertial and environmental sensors, the AQUA2 is specifically designed as a research and sensing platform. Inquire today for more details.

 IROS 2011 Call for Demonstrations

Will you be attending IROS 2011 in San Francisco?  IROS and Adept MobileRobots will provide a unique opportunity to show your latest research *live* to a large audience without worrying about shipping your hardware, by using available MobileRobots platforms.  Please follow this link for submission instructions or contact MobileRobots directly at 603-881-7960 (ext. 108).

New! Tabletop Manipulation & Vision!

Robot training with Adept CobraIn case your research doesn't require wheels, Adept has long led the industry in intelligent, human-sized arms, and now both Cobra SCARA and Viper 6-axis arms are available to universities along with the powerful Adept SmartController CX motion controller used world-wide by the industry to quickly train manipulators for successful gripping. Adept robotic arms can also be paired with AdeptSight vision guidance, a camera and software package which allows you to quickly develop robust and accurate guidance applications for your robot system.  
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Smarter Bots Show Off

Cool Pioneer 3-AT decked out for outdoor autonomy with advance perception and manipulationWould you like to join the ranks of Adept MobileRobots Smartest Bots? Take a look at our Advanced Systems for autonomous navigation and perception. You can see the what the world's leaders in autonomous robotics are up to, and send us links to your own videos for the Adept MobileRobots' YouTube channel!

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