September 2011

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Looking for fleets for collaboration or classroom use?


MobileRobots offers discounted pricing on Class Packs of robots.  Now available for the Maveric!

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Since 1995 when the Company launched its first Pioneer robot, the Adept MobileRobots group has grown to be a global leader in the design and manufacture of intelligent mobile bases.

The company now provides robot platforms, autonomous navigation systems and software for robot researchers and commercial developers .

Adept MobileRobots goes to IROS 2011

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Adept MobileRobots will be exhibiting at IROS 2011 in San Francisco, September 26-29.  Come by the booth and see our new research products!  The Maveric RC aerial research platform and the Aqua2 amphibious robot will be on display.  Our Seekur Jr outdoor robot will be paired with an Oceaneering TeraBot-S outdoor manipulator controlled via master-slave interface.  We will be displaying a novel manipulation application by Energid Technologies in which a robotic arm is coupled to a Pioneer robot configured to act as extra degrees of freedom for the arm, all controlled through one simple interface!

We are always happy to hear from customers, stop by and say hello!  Conference attendees will also have an opportunity to visit the Adept Headquarters in Pleasanton, California

New !!!   Maveric RC Aerial Research Platform

 Maveric Sky - White Right BoarderAdept MobileRobots is proud to announce its partnership with Prioria Inc to distribute the Maveric RC and Maveric Shell research platforms.  Maveric RC is a rugged carbon fiber plane, powertrain and radio control package that can be used as a test platform for sensors, control projects, or environmental monitoring. A patented folding wing design allows for easy transport and quick deployment.

Prefer to use your own powertrain and radio controller? The Maveric Shell carbon fiber airframe is the perfect starting point for aerial control projects or communications testing.  More information.


Adept MobileRobots Community, Knowledge Base, and Support Site

P3-DX with Kinect_SmallPioneer robots are an ideal platform for research and development projects or mobile sensing applications. Our online community provides a forum for users to share programming tips and helpful advice for integration projects. 

Recently, one of our users chronicled his experience interfacing the popular Kinect sensor to a Pioneer 3-DX robot.  This whitepaper includes step by step instructions on how to integrate the Kinect to your MobileRobots platform. 


Pioneer Simulations in Webots 6Webbots pic for Newsletter

Cyberbotics' robot simulator WebBots uses Pioneer robots as reference platforms.  Cyberbotics' latest release, WebBots6, features accurately rendered Pioneer 3-DX and Pioneer 3-AT robots.  You can support your laboratory mobile robotics research with simulations, or even have your real-world robots interact with their virtual counterparts.  See the demo video at :



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