July 2012 -
The Mobile Manipulation Issue

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Introducing Seekur Jr Outdoor Manipulator 

Seekur Jr Outdoor Manipulator

By popular demand, we have released an outdoor manipulation package for the Seekur Jr research platform. The 5 DOF arm's rugged design and low power requirements make it perfect for outdoor applications.  The arm includes overload protection clutches, a mounted camera, and gripper.  Control is directly integrated into the robots onboard computer.  And like the Seekur Jr, the manipulator is completely weatherproof.  See a video of the Seekur Jr arm in action!

Mobile Manipulation Trends and Applications:

Mobile Manipulation is a trending topic in robotics research. It combines elements of Telerobotics, Machine Vision, and Multi-robot systems. Academic focus is shifting from basic control and path planning problems to more abstract real world challenges such as coordinated control, object recognition, and human robot interaction. Outdoor manipulation platforms are appearing in highly-applied fields, including agriculture, disaster recovery, and autonomous exploration.
Robotic Trends

These are some links to our favorite manipulation applications created by our customers and partners. 

Coordinated Manipulation w SeekurCyton_ViperAR_Pioneer 3_AT

Brick Laying Using                   
Coordinated Mobile      

University of
Southern Denmark

A 13 DOF ARM Created by
combining an Adept Viper       
and Cyton GAMMA Arm

Adept Technology
Energid Technologies

An Augmented Reality Based
Mobile Robot
Manipulation Interface

Tokyo University of Science
Keio University
University of Tokyo


RoboCup1RoboCup2We were excited to see our platforms used to compete in the RobotCup@Home competition held in Mexico City. This spin off of the Soccer Robocup involves mobile platforms tackling domestic tasks such as cleaning, shopping, and navigating around a home. This contest provides a great opportunity for student teams to immerse themselves in the challenges of real world robotics. Check out this short video documentary of the competition.

New GAMMA Arm for Pioneer Robots
Cyton Gamma on Pioneer 3-ATWe’ve upgraded our Cyton arm accessory for the Pioneer robots. The new Cyton GAMMA uses rugged connectors and metal gearing for greater rigidity and repeatability. We’ve also upgrade the encoders for 8x better accuracy!

The package includes updated ACTIN software, improved real time control capabilities, and network support.  Users will also enjoy the advanced functions we've added, like collision avoidance and manipulation sequencing.

We unveiled the new arm at the 2012 American Control Conference in Montreal. See a demo video of the arm.

TouchTomorrow Festival and NASA Centennial Challenge at WPI

MobileRobots had a blast exhibiting at the 2012 TouchTomorrow Festival at Worcester Polytechnic Institute.  A total of 7000 attendees enjoyed a day of exploring NASA technologies, trying on a space suit, learning about WPI’s awesome robotics program and playing with our new robot manipulators. 
Seekur Jr at TouchTomorrow Festival
The event was held in conjunction with NASA’s Sample Return Centenntial Challenge, hosted by WPI.  Despite the $1.5 million dollar prize pool, no teams made it past the qualification day (Although, rumor has it the contest will be held again next year).  For more information about the contest check out WPI Sample Return Challenge.