March 2012 -
The Interactive Issue

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  • HRI in March (Human-Robot Interaction)
  • TePRA in April (Technologies for Practical Robot Applications) 
  • ICRA in May
  • ACC in June (American Control Conference) 

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MobileRobots gets Interactive 


Adept MobileRobots will be attending HRI-2012, the Human Robot Interaction conference held March 5-8 in Boston, Massachusetts.  HRI has a history of bringing together a distinguished set of computer scientists, engineers and psychologists for the purpose of improving the human experience through robotics.  We’ll be showing off the Autonomous Touchscreen PeopleBot, as well as our Pioneer platforms and the Seekur Jr. outdoor robot. 


 Baby4j 2A multi-disciplinary group of researchers from Ithaca College used their Pioneer 3-DX in a study involving robotic mobility platforms for children with motor impairments.  By leaning towards objects of interest, these young testers were able to control the movement of the robot platform.  Check it out!

We love to see all the interesting research that is carried out by our users. Let us know about your video and we’ll post it on our YouTube Site. 


 Get wet with your robot: Working with Aqua2 Newletter Photo2 2

If you have to do field work, why not go somewhere nice?  This winter, researchers from the AquaNet project gathered in Barbados to conduct experiments over the coral reefs. Using the tag recognition capabilities of ROS the Aqua2 was made to perform a series of autonomous tasks such as: collecting data sets for accurate localization and mapping over reefs and shipwrecks; evaluating surprises in visual data and modulating the AUV's speed based on the novelty of a scene.  Researchers also performed a large scale collaborative experiment employing an aerial, surface, and underwater vehicle to assist off-site marine biologists with coral reef observations.
Learn more about the Aqua2.

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Pioneer 3-DX runs continuously for 30 hours

Testing PicOur robots have always been able to go far on a single charge, now they go even farther! We’ve upgraded the battery capacity of our Pioneer and PeopleBot robots from 21 Amp-Hours to 27 Amp-Hours each: a 28% increase.

We tested a Pioneer 3-DX with no accessories by letting it roam around. The next day the robot was still going! Traveling at 400 mm/s, the robot completed 30 hours of continuous movement on a single charge. See the video


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