Pioneer LX Research Platform

Designed for continuous service, the rugged Pioneer LX includes accessible computer, sonar, laser and bump sensors, I/O and power.

Own the Outdoors

Seekur is a holonomic, all-weather, outdoor robot platform for outdoor security, inspection and research.

Seekur Jr Outdoor Manipulator

This rugged arm includes overload clutches, absolute encoders and a color camera. Control is integrated into the on-board computer.

Keep your robotics classes rolling

MobileRobots dependable, extensible educational robots and integrated accessories are the world’s most popular university platforms.

Since 1995, Omron Adept MobileRobots (formerly Adept MobileRobots) has been the preferred source for research and education mobile robots. With all the software, hardware, and accessories you need for mapping and autonomous navigation out of the box our products and expertise are unmatched in the industry.  All of our mobile robot platforms are manufactured in the United States in our facilities in New Hampshire and California. 


With the option to access base level coding in our open source software our products are a perfect starting point for understanding how to control mobile robots effectively.  Alternatively, if you are already an expert in mobile robotics and looking to develop your own applications our products are also ROS, Python, Java, and MatLab compatible and will accelerate your path to proof of concept.

Introducing the New Pioneer LX

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Temporary Email Service Interruption - 21 Jan. - 24 Jan. 2016
Due to relocating some IT facilities, we will be unable to receive or send email on Thursday, 21 January through Sunday, 24 January, 2016.  If you have an urgent problem or inquiry during that time, you can send it to

New Products from Adept MobileRobots (Newsletter, April 2015)
So the product development group has been pretty busy here at Adept MobileRobots.  In order to keep up with the ever changing needs of the robotics research community we’ve recently launched one new, exciting platform and have another two in development (expected to launch in summer of 2015).  (click link for full newsletter)

Learn how to develop software in simulation using Mathworks Simulink software, then adapt your implementation to a real robot. Streaming web presentation followed by Q&A session.
Friday, March 21 at 9:00 AM US-EDT (13:00 GMT/UTC, 6:00 AM US-PDT) 
Friday, March 21 at 2:00 PM US-EDT (18:00 GMT/UTC, 11:00 AM US-PDT).

Now available, the next generation Pioneer LX platform. 

A manipulator arm is now available for Seekur Jr.

New, improved Gamma arms for Pioneer, PatrolBot and PeopleBot.