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Research Robots

All of Omron Adept’s research robots are compatible with a number of different methods of control including ROS, Python, Java, and MatLab.  Our fully programmable robots can be controlled using both base level coding as well as our proprietary and ready to use mapping and autonomous navigation software, ARNL.

The robotic products our company provides are unique compared to other technology manufacturers.  Only Omron Adept provides you with everything you need for out of box functionality sophisticated enough to require absolutely no hardware or software engineering.  Get your research robotics program started now!

Large Ground Robots

Middle-sized Ground Robots

Small Ground Robots

  • Pioneer 3-DX, world's most popular research robot base

    Pioneer 3-DX

    World's most popular research robot base

  • Pioneer 3-AT all-terrain mobile robot


    All-terrain research base

  • AmigoBot, the collaboration and robotics class robot


    Affordable college classroom base