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Research PatrolBot

Research PatrolBot BaseThe Research PatrolBot is a high quality, differential-drive robot designed for research projects that require reliable, continuous 24X7 use or a mid-size payload. The PatrolBot has been designed from the ground up to carry payloads and sensors over all normal indoor surfaces in wheelchair-accessible facilities.

The base PatrolBot can travel at speeds up to 2 m/s, and can carry up to 40kg over flat surfaces.  PatrolBot comes standard with MobileRobots Pioneer SDK

A rear-facing array of ultrasonic sonar sensors is included; laser rangefinder sensors are available for forward-facing sensing.

With the optional Laser Mapping & Navigation System and MobileEyes, PatrolBot can map buildings and constantly update its position within a few cm while traveling within mapped areas.  With the appropriate optional accessories, you can see the robot’s view remotely, speak, play and hear audio, and send the robot on patrol.

In addition, the PatrolBot Docking Station allows for 24x7 operation, as the onboard software can navigate the PatrolBot to the charging station needed.

The PatrolBot is an all-purpose indoor base, ideal for research and applications including:

  • mapping
  • teleoperation
  • localization
  • monitoring
  • reconnaissance
  • vision
  • manipulation

PatrolBot runs best on hard surfaces. It can traverse low sills and household power cords and climb wheelchair ramps.

PDF fileDownload PatrolBot Datasheet (pdf)


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Common Accessories

Research PatrolBot Accessories

  • Manipulator Arm

    7 DOF maniulator arm
  • Additional floor-level laser

    Small URG laser mounted under robot at floor level to supplement main laser

  • Docking station for automatic recharging

    Docking station for autonomous recharging (using ARNL navigation software with laser rangefinder).

Prices and More Information:

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