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AQUA2 Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

aqua2 with diverThe AQUA2 underwater robot is an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) that uses six independently controlled fins to provide a highly-maneuverable underwater sensor platform. This extremely lightweight and portable vehicle provides researchers an ideal platform for research projects ranging from reef monitoring to aquaculture inspection.

The AQUA2 uses six independently controlled fins to propel itself through the underwater environment. This arrangement of highly-compliant thrusting surfaces results in a highly-maneuverable vehicle that unlike traditional thruster designs, poses no danger to humans or sea life and can land or take-off with minimal impact.

AQUA2 is specifically designed as a research platform, for projects ranging from reef monitoring to aquaculture inspection.

  • Deploy the robot without the requirement of support vessels
  • The robot has been tested to a depth of 36.5 meters (120 feet), and has an intended operating range of 30 meters (100 feet) from shoreline or other launch base
  • Collect data from on-board cameras, inertial and environmental sensors, the surf zone, or even the open ocean
  • Tele-operate AQUA2 from the convenience of the shore, have it operate autonomously, or with a scuba diver
  • The vehicle and its support gear fit in two standard shipping cases that can be carried as standard luggage by commercial airliners
  • AQUA2's unique technologies are covered by multiple patents

Vehicle Components and Options

AQUA2 Body - Six-legged amphibious robot rated for operation to 100'. Includes an on-board control computer and motor controller components with gait generation software.

AQUA2 Vision System - Second on-board PC104+ processor and software suitable for image and video acquisition and computationally intensive vision tasks including on-board stereo and visual target localization. The vision subsystem is based on the Linux operation system.

AQUA2 Front & Rear Camera Modules - One or two front or rear mounted digital cameras suitable for navigation, data acquisition or stereo reconstruction of the local environment.
AQUA2 Battery Pack - Quick replace battery pack for the vehicle. Note that the vehicle normally requires two battery packs for operation and provide roughly 5 hours of operational time.

AQUA2 Battery Recharger - A Mil-Spec quick recharger for the onboard batteries, lower cost slow chargers also available.

AQUA2 Operator Control Unit (OCU) - A self-contained operator control unit that allows the vehicle to be operated using an optical fiber tether.

AQUA2 Optical Tether System - Communicate with the vehicle via Ethernet transmitted over fibre optic tether. The tether allows the vehicle to be networked with other devices including the OCU above, various lengths available.

AQUA2 Wireless Ethernet - A wireless Ethernet (802.11g) option for the vehicle when operated out of the water.

AQUA2 Leg Set - A spare set of legs for the vehicle.

Camera Targeting - Downward facing mirror assemblies.

Additional Options - Software autopilot system. Image storage and manipulation. Armored and lightweight tethers. Rugged laptop with operator control interface. Specialized leg sets for different terrains. Remote video storage unit. Fiber-optic Ethernet router and hub.