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Software for Research: Pioneer SDK

The Pioneer SDK is a collection of libraries and applications that come with every MobileRobots ground platform. All software is available for both Linux and Windows, and is easy to use using standard development tools, with no extra libraries or installation of additional packages required.


Open source C++ development library enables control of robot, accessories, networking and much more from your custom software projects; may also be used from Python, Java and Matlab; available for Linux and Windows.

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Remote user interface application for control, visualization, monitoring and configuration. See the position of the robot, sensor data, send commands, and change configuration variables in real time. Available for Linux and Windows.

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Simulator for use with ARIA or other compatible software.

Open source simulator supports all robot types and can be used as direct stand-in for the real robot, no extra configuration or software changes needed. Available for Linux and Windows.

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Tools for Editing Maps for use with Navigation Software.

Generate a map from laser scan, and add goals and other objects. Linux and Windows.

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Development libraries for intelligent navigation and localization of robots.

Easily add autonomous navigation to your application software. Linux and Windows.

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Other Software Libraries

  • ArVideo is a C++ interface for easy image capture, network transport and display in MobileEyes. Linux and Windows.
  • C++ interface libraries are provided for joint and arm control of the PowerCube Arm for PowerBot and TeraBot arm for Seekur Jr..  Linux and Windobws.
  • Cyton C++ library and ACTIN simulation and user interface are provided with Cyton arms for Pioneer
  • ArSpeechSynth is a C++ interface for speech synthesis (text-to-speech) provided with the speech and audio package.

Intelligent Robot Positioning and Navigation Libraries

Software libraries implementing reliable, high quality, easy to use, highly configurable, intelligent navigation and positioning capabilities are provided with every robot platform.  Software is available for both Linux and Windows.

  • Base ARNL navigation implements autonomous path planning and navigation which may be used with any of the following localization options. 
  • ARNL enables robust, accurate laser-based mapping, localization and autonomous navigation for indoor environments. Included as part of  the Laser Navigation Package.
  • MOGS fuses robot and GPS data to position your mobile robots outdoors. Both MOGS and ARNL are included as part of the Outdoor Navigation Package.
  • SONARNL provides approximate localization using the standard sonar sensors available on some platforms. SONARNL is available with any robot order without extra charge.

→ More Information about Intelligent Navigation Software

Third Party Software Interfaces

The mobile robot base platform can be used through interfaces to several third party software systems, including ROS, Player, Matlab and the Python and Java programming languages.