Advanced color tracking system (ACTS)

The Advanced Color-Tracking System (ACTS) provides easy to use and easy to configure color-based visual object tracking for any robot with a supported camera and image acquisition interface on an onboard computer. ACTS' framerate of 30 frames per second, 32 color channels and HSV color space allow stable tracking of up to 320 moving objects (or as the robot or camera moves) over a wide variety of lighting conditions. ACTS is useful as a vision sensor for object identification and following, human-robot interaction and other applications. The GUI training window makes it easy to select and tune the color tracking parameters using either the live image, or a previously saved image. The positions of the tracked objects within the video image can be retrieved remotely by a program using ARIA. ACTS is available for both Windows and Linux.

Download the free demo and view more information at

1. Select colors interactively

2. ACTS detects objects based on color

3. Positions and sizes of objects are available via ARIA

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