Mapper3 and Mapper3Basic are tools for creating maps of a robot's operating environment, for autonomous localization and navigation, and for use in the MobileSim simulator or any software using the ARIA library.

Use Mapper3 to place and edit obstacles (objects such as walls visible to robot sensors) and logical items such as goal points, entry points for docking (recharging) stations (link to Recharging Options), and forbidden areas that navigation software should plan around. The full version of Mapper3 can import tand process he results of scanning an environment with the robot and laser, automatically rectifying and converting the scanned data into a correct map of the environment (using SLAM techniques). This results in a highly accurate map suitable for localization and navigation with ARNL.

Mapper3 is included with any purchase of ARNL and the Laser Mapping Package.

Mapper3Basic can be used to create and edit maps for use with MobileSim, ARIA, SonArnl and MOGS, but does not have the ability to automatically import and process laser scan data.

Mapper3Basic is available to all MobileRobots customers.

Mapper3 and Mapper3Basic are available for both Windows and Linux.

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