MobileSim Robot Simulator

MobileSim is software for simulating mobile robots, for debugging and experimentation with ARIA or other software that supports ActivMedia/MobileRobots platforms.

mobile sim robot simulator screenshotMobileSim provides a simulated control connection accessible via a TCP port (similar to the real robot's serial port connection). ARIA is able to automatically connect to this TCP port instead of serial port, making it easy to run the same programs using the simulator and on the real robot with no changes.

Device model parameters may be customized in a configuration file, or new models may be defined based on existing models.

  • All current and legacy models of MobileRobots/ActivMedia mobile robot bases are simulated: Pioneer 3 DX and AT, PowerBot™, AmigoBot™, PeopleBot™, PatrolBot®, Seekur®, Pioneer 2, Pioneer 1.
  • Full source code included under the GPL for understanding the simulation implementation, customizing and improving it.
  • You can define custom models of differential drive or omnidirectional robots, laser and sonar, defined either as a Stage model definition, or by loading an Aria parameter (.p) file.
  • Sonar range sensor model
  • Laser range sensor (SICK LMS-200) model with noise
  • Robot odometry pose estimation (with cumulative error)
  • Designed to efficiently simulate multiple robots (more than 30 robots with SICK lasers as of version 0.6)
  • Environment and obstacles are loaded from a MobileRobots/ActivMedia/ARIA map file: use the same maps with ARNL/SONARNL or custom software.
  • Interactively move robots and obstacles
  • Objects (robots or obstacles) may be configured to be detectable only by some sensors
  • Objects (robots or obstacles) may be set as "highly reflective" for special detection by the laser range sensor
  • Save image "snapshot" of simulation or save a sequence of images for making movies.
  • Map files may be reloaded at run time interactively or from a special command from client software
  • Robots may be interactively repositioned through the GUI or by a command from client software.
  • Client software may send log messages to MobileSim. Log messages are timestamped and displayed both the GUI and console or log file, with optional HTML formatting.
  • Visualization options for sensors, robots and obstacles, such as drawing robot "trails" to show history of motion, color, diagnostic values/visualization, and visualizations for debugging the simulator itself.
  • Configurable space and time resolutions.

MobileSim is based on the Stage library, created by the Player/Stage/Gazebo project. Stage and MobileSim are free software, distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License. (Source code is available at

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