Intelligent robot positioning and navigation software

Software libraries implementing reliable, high quality, highly configurable, intelligent navigation and positioning capabilities are provided with every robot platform.

sample mobilerobots navigation and visualizationMobileRobots' proprietary navigation technology is reliably powering real-world industrial and commercial robots today. Now you can use this proven technology to complement and support your own work, easily incorporating it into your own software to take care of automatic robot motion while you focus on other robotics problems.

Path planning to any point within a known space and robot control to follow that path (avoiding sensed obstacles as well as areas marked forbidden) is implemented in the BaseArnl library, which also contains the basic interface for localization (positioning) methods. BaseArnl is provided with all robot platforms. Different localization (positioning) methods are implemented in different libraries, which are purchased as part of different optional packages. Several localization methods can even be used together, for seamless navigation through different kinds of environments.

SONARNL Indoor Sonar Localization

p3 dx and visualization of localizationThe SONARNL C++ library is provided with all robot bases and packages, and performs basic, approximate  localization within a map using the robot's built-in sonar transducers (not available on Seekur or Seekur Jr). Along with the ARNL navigation library, Mapper3Basic and MobileEyes, SONARNL allows any robot platform with sonar to automatically navigate within a known indoor office, school or lab environment.

Accurate Indoor Laser Localization

p3 dx and visualization of localizationVery accurate localization in a mapped space using robot odometry combined with laser rangefinder data is implemented by the ARNL Laser Localization library, and may be purchased as part of the Laser Mapping and Navigation package along with mapping software tools and a SICK laser rangefinder.


MOGS Outdoor GPS Positioning

seekur jr with mogs outdoor guidance systemThe MOGS library software provides outdoor GPS-based positioning, combining robot encoders, inertial sensors, and blended with positions from a Global Positioning System receiver.  MOGS is available as part of the complete Outdoor Guidance System package, with any robot for which a DGPS is available, including Seekur, Seekur Jr, and Pioneer 3 AT.

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